About Us

360 Energy Group is a leading energy consulting firm that provides comprehensive energy solutions to energy utilities, government agencies, and public and private building owners.

At 360 Energy Group, we don't make energy efficiency or renewable technologies...we make them viable. As experts in the commercialization and deployment of energy efficient technologies, we help clients find solutions to complex energy challenges and make the most effective use of their energy resources. Through our partnerships, we’ve helped clients reduce electricity and fossil fuel consumption, thus lowering greenhouse gas emissions and increasing profitability. By promoting and facilitating the implementation of energy efficient technologies, we've helped reduce peak electric demand, which, in turn, offsets the need for new power plants.

In addition, our team helped energy companies improve their asset utilization and bottom line, as well as assisted government agencies in transforming their energy markets. Successful projects range from a quick turnaround energy audit that saved a school some $30,000 annually in energy and maintenance costs, to a full scale emerging energy efficient technology deployment program for a major utility that will generate more than $400 million in new revenue.

At 360 Energy Group, we have over 100 years of collective experience in the energy industry and stand ready to assist you with any of your energy needs. When it comes to energy solutions, we understand that some assignments demand different sets of expertise. That’s why 360 Energy Group has professionals on staff with backgrounds in all areas, including Business, Economics, Engineering, Program Management, Policy, Regulations and Communications. These diverse skill sets allow us to provide you with the solutions you need to satisfy your energy objectives.