Alternative Financing

If finding the means to pay for your energy efficiency project is a barrier to accomplishing your goals let 360 Energy Group help. Solutions come in many different forms based on your organization and its needs, and we can find the one that is right for you. 

For example, 360 Energy Group has developed business and implementation plans to launch a new program with a deployment target of 5,000 geothermal heat pump (GHP) systems. A distinguishing feature of this program is a customer leasing component which requires no upfront cost to the participant. The charge appears on the monthly utility bill and is fully offset by reduced electricity use from the superior efficiency of GHP. Participation creates a positive cash flow to the customer from day one. 

Some other approaches we have tailored to our clients’ needs include:

  • Renewable Asset Leasing— A provider or third party owns a renewable energy asset and leases it back to the end-user for a flat monthly fee.

  • Comfort Lease—Provides building owner or operator with conditioned space at a flat monthly fee. The provider or third party owns the entire system.

  • Integrated Community Systems—A renewable energy system is owned and maintained by a community association, such as a condominium or home owners association, which pays a flat monthly fee.

  • System Guarantee—A provider or third party guarantees system performance, minimizing risk to the owner.

  • Buried Treasure—A provider or third party installs the energy production components of a renewable energy system in new buildings while laying electric wires. The builder, upon sale of the commercial or other kind of lot, reimburses the utility.

  • Performance Contracting—A provider or third party installs the system, guarantees system performance, and leases it back to the customer. The payment comes out of the guaranteed savings. Grants, efficiency loans, and a variety of rebates and incentives are also available. When you work with 360 Energy Group, funding your project is no longer a barrier to accomplishing your goals.