Energy Assessments

Whether you’re looking for a quick piece of advice, a basic walk-through or a detailed, investment grade audit, our engineers are able to perform an energy assessment that will meet your needs. We offer ASHRAE Level I, Level II and Level III audits, each taking a “whole building” approach to analysis. The results are recommendations that improve total building efficiency. Once the assessment is complete, 360 Energy Group can work with you in hand to get these projects implemented, including applying for available incentives and grants. 

Level I*: Site Assessment or Preliminary Audits identify no-cost and low-cost energy saving opportunities, and a general view of potential capital improvements. Activities include an assessment of energy bills and a brief site inspection of your building. 

Level II*: Energy Survey and Engineering Analysis Audits identify no-cost and low-cost opportunities, and also provide energy efficiency measure (EEM) recommendations in line with your financial plans and potential capital-intensive energy savings opportunities. Level II audits include an in-depth analysis of energy costs, energy usage and building characteristics and a more refined survey of how energy is used in your building. 

Level III*: Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modification Audits (sometimes referred to as an “investment grade” audit) provide solid recommendations and financial analysis for major capital investments. In addition to Level I and Level II activities, Level III audits include monitoring, data collection and engineering analysis. 

*US Department of Energy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, A Guide to Energy Audits, September 25, 2011, p.2.