Often, the energy systems in a building, such as HVAC and lighting, are not programmed to match the way a building is used. This can result in wasted energy. Retro-commissioning solves this problem. 

Retro-commissioning (RCx) is the adjustment of existing equipment and controls to improve the use, comfort, and energy consumption of a building. Often referred to as "tune-up", retro-commissioning seeks to identify low-cost to no-cost measures to improve the control, scheduling and operation of building systems to achieve peak performance. While energy savings can vary depending on the building type, location, and the scope of the retro-commissioning project, retro-commissioning, on average, can reduce a building's energy usage by 16%. 

360 Energy Group is an approved RCx Service Provider with several major utilities and energy efficiency programs including:

1. ComEd Smart Ideas for Your Business®
2. Ameren Illinois Large Facility Program 
3. Focus on Energy
4. Xcel Energy