We’re the 360 Energy Group.  We are an energy consulting firm that can help clients with their energy needs.  We provide comprehensive, tailor-made energy solutions to public and private entities.  Simply put, we turn inefficient uses of energy into profitable plans with long-term growth. We also help bring your new technology or programs full circle.  And we can help put together an effective game plan for energy efficiency technology or program market transformation. Whether you’re a public or private entity, we can help you design, develop, and implement the best strategy to make your program or technology more profitable.  With expertise in all aspects of energy market transformation, we can help bring your technology or programs full circle.

We take emerging energy technologies from infancy to full scale commercialization and deployment – a full 180 degrees.  After deployment,  we assess and analyze the market for opportunities found with further improvements in technologies, business processes, or marketing strategies.  Champions of this evolved approach, our team of industry professionals deliver the next generation of energy technologies or programs (another 180 degrees), closing the circle with continued growth (360 degrees).  We accomplish a complete 360 in the way your technology or programs work for you to generate continued growth and improvements.

Working behind the scenes, we provide our public or private sector clients with exceptional project management, strategic development, and technical services on turnkey or segregated contract bases.

We pride ourselves on continued success in setting and achieving aggressive objectives, making the most effective use of available resources, keeping our strategies relevant to our ever-changing industry, and employing fresh and appropriate solutions in a practical fashion.