Clients Served

Throughout our years of collective energy industry experience, our senior team members have served a variety of clients, including technology manufacturers, public and private utilities, international corporations, state energy offices, federal departments and government agencies, universities, and non-profit associations.  We’ve helped major European businesses.  We partner with a variety of organizations.  We’ve also worked with start-ups and entrepreneurial firms to help them bring valuable innovations to the market.

The 360 Energy Group primarily serves those involved in the energy industry, though our client list also includes private entities in retail, hospitality, medical, residential, industrial and the media.

Through our client partnerships, we’ve helped reduce electric and fossil fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions.  We’ve helped reduce peak electric demand, thereby offsetting the need for new power plants.  Our team has helped energy companies improve their asset utilization and bottom line.  We’ve helped government agencies transform their energy markets.  And we’ve helped commercialize emerging energy efficiency and renewable technologies, accelerating growth upwards – even up to 400% annually in one case.

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Client sites served in our SEDAC Program in the state of Illinois: