The Firm

The 360 Energy Group was founded by Wael El-Sharif, who previously served as Executive Director of the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium in Washington, DC.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, the 360 Energy Group began as a response to the ever-increasing need for effective professionals who provide comprehensive market transformation and expert consultation services to the energy efficiency industry.  We are a team of professionals who provide a strong focus on unparalleled service.

With expertise in all aspects of energy market transformation, we can help bring your technology or programs full circle.  We take emerging technologies from infancy to full scale commercialization and deployment – a full 180 degrees.  After deployment, we assess and analyze the market for opportunities with your project.  Our team of industry professionals deliver the next generation of energy technology or programs (another 180 degrees), closing the circle.  We accomplish a complete 360 in the way the public receives your technology or programs and work for you to generate continued growth and improvements.

As a tightly knit group of experienced professionals, we are able to provide the superior quality and detail-oriented assistance that our clients have come to expect from us.  When it comes to energy solutions, we know that “one size” does not fit all and understand that some assignments demand a different set of expertise.

To ensure that our clients always have access to the best expertise to meet their projects’ needs, we’ve put together a network of nationwide subject matter experts to complement our in-house expertise as needed on a project by project basis.  Working behind the scenes, we provide our public or private sector clients with exceptional project management, strategic development, and technical services on turnkey or segregated contract bases.  We pride ourselves on continued success in setting and achieving aggressive objectives, making the most effective use of available resources, keeping our strategies relevant to our ever-changing industry, and employing fresh and appropriate solutions in a practical fashion.

Our team is our greatest asset, melding the ideas and insights of accomplished experts in business strategy, engineering, architecture, and marketing and communications to serve our clients with the superior quality deliverables required alongside the one-of-a-kind customer service you desire.