Energy Benchmarking

Reducing energy use and costs starts with a clear understanding of the opportunities available. One of the best first steps you can take is to benchmark the energy use of your building. 

Energy benchmarking is the practice of comparing a building’s current energy performance with its baseline or comparing a building’s energy performance with that of similar buildings, with the goal of informing and motivating performance improvements. Benchmarking improves stakeholders’ understanding of building energy performance, allowing individuals and organizations to better analyze trends and make better-informed decisions on how to manage their energy use. 

Today, energy benchmarking has become a standard energy management procedure for many companies and institutions to lower energy costs. Additionally, numerous states and cities have passed Energy Benchmarking laws, requiring building owners to benchmark their building and disclose their results as a way to motivate building owners to reduce their energy use.

Need help benchmarking your building or complying with your state/city benchmarking laws? 360 Energy Group can help!


360 Energy Group provides customizable energy benchmarking services. We have benchmarked over 2 million square feet ranging from industrial facilities to shopping malls to apartment buildings. As part of our services, we can:

  • Benchmark your building(s) through ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager

  • Verify your benchmarking data

  • Submit your benchmarking data to the required state/city agency

  • Quickly identify 'next step' energy efficiency opportunities that can improve building energy performance

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For more information regarding the Chicago Energy Benchmarking Ordinance, click here