Financing Programs

Put 360EG’s wealth of renewable energy experience to work for you when we help you develop uniquely tailored financing mechanisms as part of your service offerings to your customers.

Simple solutions provided to your customers that address the immediate affordability of your service or product ensure that you will be able to more quickly give them the high quality, affordable improvements they desire.

Financing programs for renewable technologies are typically focused on the entire energy efficiency job, though we also have experiencing developing loan programs to accommodate one technology at a time.

Some of the more common approaches we have tailored to our clients’ needs include:

• Renewable Asset Leasing— The provider or third party owns the renewable energy asset and leases it back to the end-user for a flat monthly fee.

• Comfort Lease—Provides building owner or operator with conditioned space at a flat monthly fee. The provider or third party owns the entire system.

• Integrated Community Systems—The renewable energy system is owned and maintained by a community association, such as a condominium or home owners association, which pays a flat monthly fee.

• System Guarantee—The provider or third party guarantees system performance, minimizing risk to the owner.

• Buried Treasure—The provider or third party installs the energy production components of the renewable energy system in new buildings while laying electric wires. The builder, upon sale of the commercial or other kind of lot, reimburses the utility.

• Performance Contracting—The provider or third party installs the system, guarantees system performance, and leases it back to the customer. The payment comes out of the guaranteed savings.

With 360EG as your partner, we can help you navigate the risks and benefits of setting up a financing mechanism for your customers.