Strategic Marketing & PR

It really shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to get your name into the spotlight, but it certainly will cost you more than that if your brand isn’t cared for properly.  We want to help get your efforts rewarded and acknowledged in the public eye.

Knowing this, we asked, “Why should anyone have to choose between the branding and vision they can get from a creative agency or expert product knowledge they can get from someone in house, and not have both?” We couldn’t come up with a good reason.

At 360EG, we really care about whp we represent, and we give our clients’ projects our all.  In addition to our many left-brained services, we also provide a compendium of right-brained talents, including:

  • In-depth needs assessments
  • Brand identification and positioning initiatives
  • Print and web-based marketing material development (copy + design)
  • Event planning and promotion
  • Targeted advertising campaigns
  • Tradeshow participation
  • Large-scale consumer awareness drives
  • Dynamic, interactive webcasts
  • Collaborative web environments

Sometimes having the perfect product or program isn’t good enough to achieve your goals. Without a solid marketing and public relations strategy at work, you risk the loss of sales to consumers who don’t even know they want what you have.

At the 360 Energy Group, we recognize that the medium is the message and have hands-on expertise in managing strategic marketing and public relations programs, from cradle to grave, for a compendium of unique clients.  Using both innovative and time-tested methods, we develop comprehensive campaigns that cultivate tangible results.