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We are the 360 Energy Group and we provide comprehensive energy solutions to public and private entities.

With expertise in all aspects of energy market transformation, we can help bring your technology or programs full circle. From infancy, we take emerging energy technologies to full scale commercialization and deployment (180 degrees).

Market Transformation

Even the best technologies need help to find their way into popularity. With the strong portfolio of talents present among our Team, market transformation and technology transfer activities are a natural fit for us.


Energy Policy Development

To truly foment change, regulations and policy changes must be carefully designed, implemented and controlled. The 360EG Team has proven experience developing and managing codes and standards updates at local, regional and national levels.


Industry Research & Analysis

As quickly as the demand grows for energy efficient technologies and sustainable building products, so changes the face of the industry. Catching a moving target is never easy, but we at the 360 Energy Group thrive on challenges.


The Firm

Based in Chicago, Illinois, 360EG began as a response to the ever-increasing need for effective professionals who provide comprehensive market transformation and expert consultation services to the energy efficiency industry with a strong focus on unparalleled service.



The 360EG Team has been promoting and facilitating the implementation of energy efficient technologies and strategies since the early 1990s, focusing on technologies that required commercialization, policy support, regulatory assistance, infrastructure development and strategic outreach to bring them to market with sustained demand.


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